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Redan High School

Dekalb County Schools


School-wide Testing Day

Click here to register:                                                                                                 Payments can be made in the Counseling Center (cash or money order)

Georgia Milestones End of Course Assessments

The Georgia Milestones Assessment System is designed to provide information about how well students are mastering the state-adopted content standards in the core content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In high school, students are assessed in the following courses: Biology, Coordinate Algebra, US History, and American Literature. Features of the Georgia Milestone Assessment System include:

  • open-ended (constructed-response) items in language arts and mathematics (all grades and courses);
  • a writing component (in response to passages read by students) at every grade level and course within the language arts assessment;
  • norm-referenced items in all content areas and courses, to complement the criterion-referenced information and to provide a national comparison.

Use the Georgia Experience Online for practice

This practice site is a chance for students to learn more about the structure and content of the Georgia Milestones Assessments, experience online testing, and practice using online tools. Parents and educators are also welcome to explore this site along with the Georgia Department of Education website which provides further information.

2023-2024 End of Course Assessment Guides

  1. US History Assessment Guide
  2. Biology Assessment Guide
  3. American Literature Assessment Guide
  4. Coordinate Algebra Assessment Guide
Fall EOC Dates- December 4, 2023 - December 13, 2023
Spring EOC Dates- April 17 -April 23
Wednesday, April 17- American Literature Part I
Thursday, April 18- American Literature Parts II and III
Friday, April 19-Biology Parts I and II
Monday, April 22- Algebra Concepts and Connection Parts I and II
Tuesday, April 23-US History Parts I and II

Measures of Academic Progress 
The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) utilizes the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) as a universal screener three times a year - Fall, Winter, and Spring. Students in grades 9 and 10 will take the MAP assessment

End of Pathway Assessment (EOPA)
End-of-Pathway Assessments (EOPAs) are assessments that students take in the third-level class of most CTAE pathways. The State of Georgia requires these assessments in response to Perkins IV Legislation, which dictates that states must implement a valid and reliable assessment model linked directly to industry standards. Many of these assessments provide industry-recognized credentials that students can use to show their knowledge and/or skills in a particular career field 
Testing Begins: December 6, 2023

ACCESS for English Learners
ACCESS for ELLs is administered, annually, to all English learners in Georgia. ACCESS for ELLs is a standards-based, criterion-referenced English language proficiency test designed to measure English learners’ social and academic proficiency in English. It assesses social and instructional English as well as the language associated with language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies within the school context across the four language domains 
Testing Begins: January 10, 2024

Georgia Alternate Assessment
The Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA) 2.0 is comprised of standardized performance tasks and is intended to provide tiered participation within the assessment for students working at various levels of complexity. The GAA 2.0 is designed to measure the degree to which students with significant cognitive disabilities have mastered alternate achievement standards in the core content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. 
Testing Begins: March 25, 2024

Advanced Placement Exams
AP Exams are standardized exams designed to measure how well you’ve mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course. 
Testing Window: May 7 - May 15, 2024