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Governor's Honor Program 2017-2018

It is once again time to recognize those students who demonstrate outstanding potential and talent in your subject area by nominating them for the 2018 Governor’s Honors Program. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, it is a free four week program for current sophomores and juniors that will be held on the campus of Berry College in Rome, Georgia this summer. Students who participate in this program go a series of application and audition/interview levels before the finalists are selected. For more information on this opportunity please visit the Governor’s Honors Program website.

If you have students that fit the criteria as listed in the folder I delivered to you, please send me a list of those students’ names as soon as possible so I can make sure they and their parents complete the necessary components. Below is a list of the items that are in the folder you received from me:

  1. Content / nomination area informational sheet
  2. General guidance on selecting nominees
  3. GOSA areas of nomination in which students can apply
  4. GOSA requirements for participation
  5. DCSD nomination exemplars

Additionally, please get the students a copy of the attached student application while making sure you complete the teacher’s application. All applications are due back to me no later than October 17, 2017.

This is an outstanding opportunity for our students. Thank you so much for helping to push them in the direction that will challenge them and help them find continued success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come by, email, or call me! Thanks, again. 

Mr. C. Stephenson, 678-676-3627 or 
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